Defending Student Rights
​​Experienced Education Law Advocacy 

Representing Students in San Diego County

Areas of Representation
  1. Constitutional Rights
    Administrative Due Process​​ Freedom of Expression Search and Seizure
  2. Discipline
    Student Suspension and Expulsion Involuntary Transfer Exclusion from Athletics
  3. Discrimination
    Racial and Gender Discrimination Bias Incidents Individuals with Disabilities
  4. Special Education
    IDEA Compliance IEP Support Section 504 Accommodations
  5. Academic Disputes
    Grade Reduction and Loss of Credit Student Record Removal Student Promotion and Retention (K-8)
  6. Parent Coaching
    Education Law and District Policies Administrative Complaint Procedures Bullying and Off-Campus Cyberbullying
6 Ways You Will Benefit From My Services
1. You excercise your right to representation. By law, parents have the right to be represented by an attorney or adviser of their choice to deal with issued concerning the public school system.

2. Affordable fees. An advocate is the most cost-effective alternative when compared to hiring an attorney.

3. Level the playing field. School administrators, teachers, and staff will be working as a team, you will also have an experienced person on your side to look out for your best interest.

4. Best possible result. You increase the probability of an optimal outcome for your child.

5. Peace of mind. You are able to take the emotional aspect out of the process, reduce stress and frustration, and keep focused on your other important family activities.

6. Know-how. You will not need to concern yourself with researching, preparing, filing, monitoring timelines or having to deal with all the technical jargon.
  1. Education Law Advocate San Diego
    Leo Marchena
My professional background is in the legal and public education fields. I hold a professional law degree and a Master of Laws. For the past 8 years, I have worked side by side with school administrators, teachers and staff on issues related to student behavior, discipline and services for children with special needs.

This experience has given me a solid understanding  of education laws, school policies and regulations along with the criticlal, analytical, and strategic expertise to represent families who are facing disputes in the school setting. My mission is to help parents navigate the complexities of the public school system while facilitating an appropriate solution to the problem they are facing.

If you feel your child has been treated unfairly or you find it difficult to communicate with school staff, feel free to contact me to discuss your situation. If the school is not complying with state laws or its own policies and procedures, there are administrative methods and procedures available to help with dispute resolution.